Jesse L. Martin Cast In Flash TV Series As Detective West

Jesse L. Martin

Longtime Law & Order star Jesse L. Martin has been cast as Detective West in the upcoming Flash television series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Martin played Detective Ed Green on Law & Order from 1999-2008. His character in The Flash will be a surrogate father to Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin. Detective West took a young Barry in after his mother died and his father was sent to prison for the murder. West believes, as Barry does, that his father is innocent.

Detective West is also the father of Iris West, who will be Barry's best friend on the Flash television series. Of course, the most popular West in the DC Universe is Wally West. Could he also play a part in the series?

The Flash has begun with a backdoor pilot during the second season of Arrow. A standalone pilot is in currently in production.