The Boondocks Producer Developing IDW's Killogy As An Animated Series

killogy-the-animated-seriesAward-winning executive producer/writer Rodney Barnes, best known for his work on Everybody Hates Chris and The Boondocks, is teaming up with acclaimed comics creator Alan Robert to develop an animated television series based on Robert’s hit IDW Publishing graphic novel Killogy.

Barnes and Robert will serve as executive producers on the series, with Barnes penning the screenplay for the pilot. Casino's Frank Vincent, Rock and Roll Hal of Fame inductee Marky Ramone and Heroes's Brea Grant, who all appeared as main characters in the graphic novel, will now lend their voices to the show. Producers Chris White and Jeff Mazzola are also on board.

Killogy leverages a unique mix of humor, horror and pop culture to tell the unique tale of a group of murderers who inadvertently unleash an ancient voodoo curse upon New York. “For me, it’s all a bit surreal,” said Robert. “I basically get to mash-up some of my favorite childhood heroes, throw them into these outrageous situations, and sit back and imagine what happens next. The series practically writes itself!”

Additionally, Ex-Misfits horror-punk legend Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein will star in a special Halloween edition of Killogy. The one-shot comic continues where the graphic novel left off and introduces new character Doyle as humanity’s last hope in a post-apocalyptic world flooded by an ocean of blood. The book will also feature a 10-page exclusive first-look at Robert’s forthcoming IDW series The Shunned One.