The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Jon Hamm Be Negan?

Jon Hamm as Negan

During the Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special, executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Scott Gimple talked about some of their favorite rumors and fake spoilers about The Walking Dead Season 5.

Hurd revealed that her favorite fake spoiler was one that was going around now that suggested they were killing everyone off and starting over with an entirely new cast in Season 5.

“When it’s a slow night on set, which is not very often, but when we’re between setups, we definitely get a chuckle over a few of them,” said Hurd.

When host Chris Hardwick asked Gimple if he had a favorite rumor about the show, Gimple said, “The recent one that Jon Hamm was going to play Negan, who is a character coming up, a villain.”

When Aisha Tyler asked to clarify if Negan was coming up, Gimple replied, “Well, coming up eventually.”

When Hardwick added that he didn’t know how they were going to make that character work on TV considering every other word out of his mouth was the f-word, Gimple suggested, “I think if people could sort of hit their cable operators and make AMC a paid network just in time.”