Bill Murray's Long-Lost Sci-Fi Comedy Is Online

Nothing Lasts Forever, a never-released, 1984 science-fiction comedy starring Bill Murray in his prime, has been uploaded to YouTube and is available for viewing, Dangerous Minds noticed earlier this week.

The film was directed by former Saturday Night Live writer Tom Schiller, his only feature film to date, and while MGM tried to bury it, it has been kept alive over the years through various public screenings, including some organized or lobbied for by Murray himself.

Nothing Lasts Forever stars Gremlins's Zach Galligan as an aspiring artist who moves to New York and discovers that the Port Authority has taken over and turned the city into a totalitarian state. He is forced to work as a night watchman at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel until he can prove his worth as an artist, but soon he finds himself on a bus to the moon to find his true love.

Murray plays the bus conductor, and Dan Aykroyd cameos as well.

The film is mostly black-and-white but does have occasional bursts of color. There are even a couple of musical numbers. Like Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, a black-and-white film from Murray's SNL co-star Steve Martin, the film features a number of clips from older movies integrated into the narrative. Slate compares it to"a sort of early YouTube mashup."

You can check out the embed, and some comments from the uploader, below.

This is for educational purposes only. The copyright to this unique film belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, even if this was never released for some reason (apparently because they didn't know how to market it), but it's just too good to remain buried and unseen. It's not only unlike any other movie ever made, but it's the only "modern" (filmed in 1983) film I've seen that actually manages to look entirely like a classic era production. I respect copyright laws, so the minute the film gets a proper official release, I'll delete this file from YouTube.