The Flash Adds Prison Break's Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

The CW's The Flash has added Prison Break star Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

The villain is, like Weather Wizard, who is seen in the series pilot, a member of Flash's rogues gallery, known collectively as The Rogues. The group is widely expected to come together throughout the course of the season. Other Rogues include Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Trickster and Pied Piper. Cold is often the de facto leader of the group.

The Mist was rumored to be the series' second villain, along with Mr. Bliss, who will appear in The Flash Season Zero, a digital-first comic from DC Entertainment set in the world of the show.

“We’ll be seeing his origin and the origin of the Rogues,” said executive producer Greg Berlanti at the Television Critics Association earlier today. Captain Cold will be introduced in Episode Four.

In the comics, Captain Cold is currently appearing as a member of the Justice League alongside fellow reformed(?) villain Lex Luthor. As key players in the recently-concluded Forever Evil crossover, the two have managed to at least convince the public they've joined the side of the angels.

Cold, along with the other Rogues, have a unique relationship with The Flash; while they're his most persistent villains, they're rarely actually out to kill him. The almost playful relationship between The Flash and The Rogues has made them fan-favorites and differentiated them from most superheroes' villains.

Cold has appeared in a number of animated series, as well as one previous live-action iteration, played by Michael Champion in the 1990 version of The Flash that starred John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen.

At the TCAs today, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer (and longtime The Flash writer) Geoff Johns called The Flash “the most faithful DC adaptation ever.”