Early Guardians Of The Galaxy Reviews: Hilarious, Action-Packed, & Fun

Guardians of the Galaxy Reviews

Disney & Marvel Studios held the first press screenings for Guardians of the Galaxy this week, and while full reviews are still embargoed, short reviews have already hit Twitter. The good news for Marvel movie fans is that the first short reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It looks like director James Gunn might have created the same magic that Joss Whedon did with The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy sounds like a fun, entertaining movie that viewers will go see multiple times. Here’s some of the early feedback on Twitter.

Germain Lussier of Slashfilm tweeted, “Marvel’s @Guardians is magnificent. Hilarious, touching, action packed, I don’t think I could’ve liked it more. @JamesGunn killed it. Wow. Thank god that movie was good cause my night got decidedly worse right after that. Wedged my car good.… I don't like to take advantage of my awesome position, but this time I made an exception. Just RSVP'd to see @Guardians again after #SDCC.”

Devin Faraci of BadAssDigest tweeted, “Groot is the new star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really liked GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The characters work so well together. Gunn nails space opera. I'm excited for GUARDIANS 2 not for plot reasons but bc the heavy lifting of establishing everything is done and the characters can sing. Weird thing: while GUARDIANS has the most Thanos-wank yet it's the Marvel movie that stands most on its own. It feels whole.”

Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend tweeted, “Guardians of the Galaxy is a ridiculous fun ride. Hilarious, action packed, and a great ensemble. Totally loved it.”

Silas Lesnick of ComingSoon.net tweeted, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is another big win for Marvel! Every single character steals every scene.”

Steven Weintraub of Collider tweeted, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens up the Marvel universe in a great way. Movie is awesome & extremely funny. Congrats @JamesGunn. You did it. And anyone wondering if a talking racoon and tree wouldn't work, they have some of the best scenes and I loved both of them. #GUARDIANS.”

Jeremy Smith of Ain’t It Cool tweeted, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is pretty damn irresistible. Unerring balance of comedy, action and Groot. Had a blast with it.”

Sean Gerber of Modern Myth Media tweeted, “#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy is cosmic, cool, vibrant, emotional & so much damn fun with tons & tons of real heart. Bravo, @JamesGunn. What a ride! I'll add, #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy is BEAUTIFULLY shot. Exceptional work by @JamesGunn & cinematographer Ben Davis. #Marvel.”

John Campea of AMC tweeted, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is everything I hoped it would be and more. Fun, funny, epic scale, just fantastic. Well done @JamesGunn.”

Dad of Divas tweeted, “Oh my gosh, @Guardians of the galaxy was awesome! Everyone has to see the movie. Action, drama, humor and more in the @guardians movie , fans of the comic well love this movie. If you love 80's references, as well as a mix of early 80's and 70's music then the @Guardians movie is for you. I for one want to take Starlord's AKA @prattprattpratt Spaceship for a spin- AWESOME!!! @Guardians Movie ROCKS! . @JamesGunn did an amazing job with the @Guardians movie.if you're a @Marvel fan you will not be disappointed. There are a ton of actors that play a role in the @Guardians movie that you might be surprised to see! Watch for some of the small touches in the @Guardians movie, especially when you are in the Collector's realm.”

Enza of EnzasBargains.com tweeted, “#GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent so we just walked out of Guardians and it was soooo great!!! Funny!!!”

Saving Said Simply tweeted, “Just saw Guardians!! Ah-mazing, funny, MUST see this summer!”

Jack Giroux of Film School Rejects tweeted, “Guardians of the Galaxy is the first Marvel movie to have a great third act. It's full of personality, laughs, and dick jokes. I wish there was more of Benicio del Toro in Guardians of the Galaxy. He looks like Little Richard hanging out in space. Guardians of the Galaxy tells one story. It's cool and confident enough not to leave behind a bunch of loose threads.”