Captain Marvel Writer Kelly Thompson Ends Her Run With Double-Sized Final Issue

Fan-favorite writer Kelly Thompson will be wrapping up her run on Captain Marvel this summer. Thompson relaunched Captain Marvel back in 2018, and has taken Carol Danvers and her allies on exciting adventures on Earth as well as in the cosmos. Some of the redefining story arcs include "Re-Entry" and "The Last Avenger," along with tie-ins to blockbuster events like War of the Realms and Empyre. Captain Marvel is currently tied up in an X-Men crossover titled "Revenge of the Brood," which features the return of the alien parasites.

It all concludes with June's Captain Marvel #50 by writer Kelly Thompson and artists Javier Pina and David Lopez, and Marvel has released the first details and the cover by artist Carmen Carnero. The cover features some of those standout moments we mentioned earlier from Kelly Thompson's Captain Marvel run. Carnero was one of Thompson's many collaborators on Captain Marvel. We see Captain Marvel and her Accuser Squad (War Machine, Spider-Woman, Hazmat, Spectrum/Photon, and her sister Lauri-Ell from Empyre, her alter ego Binary, Chewy the Cat, and many more. Whether or not Marvel decides to reboot Captain Marvel –

Kelly Thompson Breaks Silence on Captain Marvel Ending

"When Marvel asked me to write Carol's new Captain Marvel series back in 2018, in the lead up to her first film, I was delighted and also terrified. But I'm glad I didn't let the terror win, because it has truly been a fantastic experience," Thompson shared. "I've worked with some of the most incredible people in the business -- I'd list them all but at 50 issues it's a truly massive list! -- but I certainly have to call out editor Sarah Brunstad who brought me in and helped build this book from the very beginning. She has been a constant source of support through a run that I don't think either of us ever imagined would be nearly five years deep and heading toward issue 50. While it hasn't always been easy, I'm so proud of the stories we've told with Carol, but none of it would have been possible without the fans. Captain Marvel fans are some of the best comic fans -- and humans -- I've ever experienced, truly. So thank you for this run. We made it, but you all made it so loved, and so long. Thank you."

Written by Kelly Thompson with art by Javier Pina and David Lopez, Captain Marvel #50 goes on sale June 7th.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • Written by KELLY THOMPSON
  • On Sale 6/7
  • It has been an impossible journey – one that's taken Carol Danvers across time and space and pitted her against enemies new and old. This historic run has put Marvel's premier heroine through the gauntlet, and now the boss of space burns brighter than ever. No one believed she would get this far. But that's the power of Captain Marvel and her Carol Corps: They will never give up. Higher, further, faster – to the very end.