DC Comics Reportedly Renaming Black Adam to Shazadam! for Some Weird Reason

Update: IGN reports that "sources with direct knowledge of the comic" have confirmed that Black Adam will not be changing his name to Shazadam. The original story follows.

Earlier today a surprising piece of news began to make the rounds as Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics is preparing for a name change for its character Black Adam in the upcoming Infinite Frontier publishing initiative. The site reports that "the character of Black Adam will be changing his name to Shazadam," which quickly drew scorn and mockery from DC Comics readers online. It was previously reported that the Black Adam character would be appearing in the new Justice League comic series which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis. Though he didn't cite it by name, Bendis seemingly addressed today's report by tweeting: "rumors are stupid."

It's possible that Black Adam's renaming comes as a gag when he joins the new Justice League roster which includes DC staples like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl, plus Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hippolyta, and the Bendis created character Naomi. Without a Flash on the team it's unclear who will give Black Adam this new name, or if he will take it on himself in an attempt to seem more friendly, but we'd wager Naomi gives him the label after they first meet.

Bendis will officially take over on the book/team with Justice League #59, where he will be joined on the series by artist David Marquez and colorist Tamra Bonvillain. You can read the full solicitation for the issue below. It seems unlikely that the Dwayne Johnson lead Black Adam movie will follow a similar naming tactic, assuming the one in DC Comics sticks at all.

(Photo: DC COMICS)

art and cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
backup story written by RAM V
backup story art by XERMANICO
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