DC Reveals New Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume

DC revealed earlier today that they have canceled Suicide Squad at issue #11, and that was one of 5 other series that have been canceled in a matter of days. That's a bummer for sure, though artist Bruno Redondo did get approval to share something cool with the fans earlier today, which happened to be a completely new costume for Harley Quinn that will appear in the final issue. The look is pretty slick and features her traditional red, black, and white coloR scheme. Harley is sporting a stylish and more militaristic style jacket that is almost completely buttoned up except for the top button. Fingerless gloves, pants, and boots complete the ensemble, and you can check it out in the image below.

This is a big change from her shorts and jacket combo that she's sporting in Batman: Joker War. While Suicide Squad isn't sticking around in its current form, hopefully, the costume doesn't go anywhere, because think many fans will like it quite a bit.

"Just talked with @whatthe_shea and she gave me permission to share this: Harley’s new suit in last #SuicideSquad chapter (without the mask)
@TomTaylorMade #SquadGoalsDC"

No reason was given for Suicide Squad's cancellation, though DC and it's parent company WarnerMedia have been undergoing significant changes over the past week or so, with many high-level people in editorial being let go and whole divisions like DC Universe and DC Collectibles wiped out. This is also likely not the last comic to get cancelled sadly, but we'll keep you posted.

You can find the official description for Suicide Squad #11 below.

written by TOM TAYLOR
art and cover by BRUNO REDONDO
ON SALE 11/24/20
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC


The explosive final issue is here! Task Force X has been through hell and back. Now they’re the last thing standing between a human bomb and an island full of innocents. Which means that even if they win the day, there’s nowhere to run when the Justice League arrives to clean house!

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