George Perez Misses Con Appearance Due to Health Issues

Fan-favorite comic book artist George Perez was unable to make an appearance at East Coast Comic Con this weekend amid medical concerns. The legendary artist is said to be in the hospital with a "heart problem" according to pop culture website Bleeding Cool.

According to reports, Perez is still planning on making a scheduled appearance at a local comic store in Florida next weekend to help celebrate Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6.

Since originally announced, a post has begun circulating on social media from a Perez family friend sharing the artist is feeling much better.

"He's doing great, feeling much betters, and is in good spirits," the post by Constance Eza reads. "He thanks you all for your thoughts and well wishes."

Perez got his break into comics as a penciler on Marvel's Astonishing Tales #25 (1974) before rising to prominence on The Avengers beginning with issue #141. Perez went on to have very successful runs as DC Comics between working on the Teen Titans titles and the mega-event Crisis on Infinite Earths.


He also started penciling Jim Starlin's Infinity Gauntlet (1991) but left the project part of the way through to focus on War of the Gods.

Perez is responsible for the creation of several fan-favorite characters including Deathstroke, Cyborg, and the transformation of Dick Grayson from Robin to Nightwing.

(Photo: AMC)