Kevin Smith Pitched Marvel's Joe Quesada Co-Directing A Green Hornet Movie With Him

The Green Hornet hasn't seen much action on screen since that 2011 movie with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou. Kevin Smith is one of many fans who was trying to change that fact. He talked about his efforts to get Marvel's Joe Quesada involved with a Green Hornet movie that he was on deck to direct on The Original Drink and Draw Social Club. In fact, the filmmaker mentioned that he wanted Quesada to share some directing duties on the film.

Back then, Miramax had the rights to the character and contracting Smith to handle a film seemed like a no-brainer. However, Smith explained his efforts to deliver his vision might not have lined up with the decision-makers during the early planning process for the film. Green Hornet was a project with a long legacy and the filmmaker would have to do some convincing to get his vision to become a reality.

“At one point when I was going to direct a Green Hornet movie, at Miramax back in the day, I contacted Joe to co-direct with me,” Smith told the panel during the most recent episode, “I remember making the argument at the studio, ‘Why don’t you let me work with him, he did a great job working on my Daredevil run.’”

“Frank [Miller] had worked with Robert [Rodriguez] on Sin City, so I was like ‘Let me bring this dude in. I’m telling you, you’ll get a better movie.’ So, there are storyboards of a Green Hornet movie, like an opening sequence that Joe did and that I still have on my laptop.” Smith continued.

From those comments, it sounds like the people in charge at the studio weren't just going to give the filmmaker everything he wanted at the drop of a hat. His decision to bring up some of those successful adaptations was smart as that Sin City film is still loved by a lot of people to this day. However, we know that the Green Hornet never came to be in that form and the 2011 version probably bears little resemblance to the version Quesada and Smith dreamed up.

Kevin Smith has been busy this week as he also commented on the developing Spider-Man news. The director has been watching the takes and absorbing the news just like most Marvel fans. He had a very different take on how he was going to approach the situation on his podcast, Fatman Beyond, this week.

Smith made it clear that these sort of inter-corporation power struggles are very much a "first world problem," but that he was still sad to see Peter Parker's MCU tenure abruptly end. He mused about what these last few Spider-Man films represented for him personally and where he stood in his hopes for the character.


“It really does bug me. I don’t have any skin in the game. I thought about buying some Sony stock so I could f****** sell it today,” Smith joked in front of the crowd.

The filmmaker concluded, “I appreciate when something is done incredibly well, and I liked his handling of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, I’ll be honest with you. It is my favorite iteration of him, not just films, but media iteration of him outside of comics.”