Mort Drucker, Legendary Mad Magazine Artist, Dies At 91

Mort Drucker, known for his legendary work on Mad Magazine, has died at the age of 91. The artist died in his home in Woodbury, New York on Wednesday, though we aren't sure what the cause of death was (via New York Times). Drucker is survived by his wife, daughters Laurie Bachner and Melanie Amsterdam, and his three grandchildren. His longtime friend John Reiner confirmed his death, and our thoughts are with Drucker's family and friends at this difficult time. Drucker was an inspiration for many cartoonists, as his movie, television, and political satire illustrations became a staple of Mad Magazine and pop culture as a whole.

Drucker started his career when he was 18 and was recommended for a job assisting on the comic series Debbie Dean, Career Girl by Will Eisner. He would go on to work on The Mountain Boys and a stint with DC Comics, which he still freelanced with even after he got the job with Mad Magazine.

Once he came on board though he would become a staple, with just about every issue from the 1960s to 2008 featuring a movie parody by Drucker. By the time he retired he had illustrated 238 of them. His final one was The Chronic-Ills of Yawnia: Prince Thespian, which is obviously a Chronicles of Narnia spoof.


Our thoughts are with Drucker's family and friends at this time.