Spider-Man Gets A Symbiote Again

Venom Inc. has been a rollercoaster ride for Spider-Man, and it was only a matter of time before he got another chance at a symbiote.

Spoilers incoming for The Amazing Spider-Man #793, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

There are a number of venomized people running around at the moment, but that grew to include the wall-crawler himself in issue #793, just not in the way you might expect. The original Venom symbiote latched onto Peter Parker back in the day, but he doesn't reunite with that particular suit. It turns out Lee Price managed to infect Spider-Man with his own brand of symbiote, one that can be transferred and multiplied and makes the host controllable by Price himself.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

That means Price has all the powers of Spidey at his beck and call, so he has Spider-Man hit several of Black Cat's shipment trucks to draw her out of hiding. Spidey is all too happy to oblige, and part of that plan involves stopping on on the Daily Bugle to make sure the bylines get Spidey's identity right. This Spidey has no qualms about going over the edge, but thankfully he gets a visit from Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson) and Mania before he can do anything he'll regret later.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

A battle ensues on the rooftop as Anti-Venom tries to free him from the symbiote's control, but that doesn't exactly go as planned. It isn't until Black Cat gets there that Spidey is finally freed of the symbiote's influence thanks to her Anti-Venom coated weapon. It dissolves the symbiote much to Venom's disappointment, who arrives armed to the teeth hoping for more of a fight from Spidey. It seems that fight will have to wait for another day.


You can find the spoiler images in the gallery, and you can read the full issue in comic shops now.

The Amazing Spider-Man #793 is written by Dan Slott with art by Ryan Stegman, colors by Brian Reber, and letters by VC's Joe Caramagna.