X-Men's Moira MacTaggart Comic Won't Be Coming for a While

The past few years have brought some significant additions to X-Men canon, with the "Dawn of X" relaunch reinvigorating what readers thought they knew about Marvel's mutant characters. One of the biggest revelations of the relaunch -- which kicked off with the dual House of X and Powers of X limited series -- was that long-running supporting character Moira MacTaggart has actually been a mutant, with the power to reincarnate and navigate throughout the different realities and timelines of the X-Men. Ever since that twist was confirmed and built upon -- and HoXPoX writer Jonathan Hickman hinted that a Moira X solo series would be in the pipeline -- readers have been eager to see if and when that book would come to fruition.

In a recent interview with Newsarama, X-Men editor Jordan D. White was asked about the books that have been rumored to join the relaunch, including both Moira X and X-Corp. With X-Corp officially being announced earlier this month, White hinted that the Moira book will not be arriving anytime soon, but that there's "still a chance" of the book seeing the light of day.

"One of them you're going to be seeing really soon," White explained. "The other... things happen quickly in comics, and sometimes we tease something that might not come to pass. It's an X-Men tradition - ask Metoxo the Lava Man. But there is still a chance! I actually just had an idea about it because you asked that might be a different way to spin it."

Hickman had previously hinted about Moira X's status while speaking to ComicBook.com at 2020's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, hinting that the book just needed to arrive at the perfect time.

"We are going to do that book. We know who is going to write that book," Hickman revealed. "I have talked to that person many times about it, very recently in fact. But we're not going to pull that. That's one of those things that once you start pulling that thread, everything accelerates. That book will happen when it is time for that book to happen. We've intentionally not shown more. Obviously. We'll see more this year."


While a lot can obviously change in the span of a year -- especially given how much the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the comic world -- it sounds like fans shouldn't count out the Moira X book just yet.

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