Marvel Reveals New Timelines in House of X

House of X #2 presented some big revelations regarding Moira MacTaggart and the overall X-Men [...]

House of X #2 presented some big revelations regarding Moira MacTaggart and the overall X-Men timeline, and one of the biggest reveals had to do with MacTaggart's mutant ability of reincarnation. That ability resulted in the issue showing 9 of the character's previous lives, which presented a host of new timelines where things went differently for both MacTaggart and the X-Men, and there are some truly intriguing scenarios. There's even a handy chart that shows how each one unfolded, which you can see in the graphic below.

Early on we see MacTaggart's research pay off in the discovery of a cure for the mutant gene, though at this point we see her confronted by Mystique and Destiny, who burn down her lab, destroy the cure, and kill her in the process. After that we see a number of other timelines play out through MacTaggart's many lives, including one where she helps form the X-Men through many of the things we've seen in the regular timeline, though that doesn't end well.

We then see her find Xavier 10 years before they were supposed to meet and tell him everything, and instead of just a team, they form a mutant city, with a legion of mutants walled off from the outside world. That goes well for some time, though eventually, Bolivar Trask' Sentientls come to destroy it.

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In her next life, she then tries to keep that from happening by hunting down the entire Trask line, and while she successfully kills them all, we learn that someone else discovers what AI and machines can do and introduces their own version of Sentinels.

We then see a timeline where MacTaggart seeks out Magneto and fills him in on what has previously happened, which sends him into a rage. He then took the fight to humanity but was taken down by the X-Men and the rest of Marvel's heroes.

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The next life of MacTaggart actually had her joining Apocalypse and starting a war with humanity and their machines. They took down many of humanity's biggest heroes and were then locked in a battle against the machines from that point on.

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You can check out the full details of these timelines above and you can see some spoiler images from the book there as well.

House of X #2 is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Pepe Larraz, colored by Marte Gracia, and lettered by VC's Clayton Cowles. The official description is featured below.

"Learn the truth about one of the X-Men's closest allies…and then begin the fight for the future of mutantkind!"

House of X #2 is in comic stores now.