Jon Bogdanove Gives A Look Inside August's Jack Kirby Sandman Special

Next month, writers Dan Jurgens and Steve Orlando will bring The Sandman Special #1 to comic shops, with art from Jon Bogdanove and Rick Leonardi. It is one of a number of one-shots featuring Jack Kirby-created characters, being released in time with the hundredth anniversary of Kirby's birth.

Earlier tonight, Bogdanove took to social media to share a panel from the issue, and his thoughts on The Sandman Special and working with Kirby characters and conventions.

"More Jack Kirby-esque fun from DC's Kirby Celebration Sandman Special that Dan Jurgens wrote and I drew," Bogdanove wrote on Facebook. "We packed this story with as much fan-service as we could. Being fans ourselves, it gave us the chance to do at least a sample of many of our favorite of Jack's signature tropes. Of course, my pages are brimming with Kirby Krackles-- but this is my favorite Kirby Effect.

"I always loved it when Jack delineated form with Krackle. He usually did it to indicate immersion in some kind of overwhelming cosmic energy-- like I did here! I think I first saw this effect in an issue of The Fantastic Four. I'm not sure, but I think Reed might have been trying to breach The Negative Zone. Can anybody out there remember better than I and post the FF panel that lives in my memory so strongly that it inspired me to draw this?"

You can check out the image, as well as the official solicitation text for the issue, below.

You can pre-order a copy of The Sandman Special #1, which also features a rarely-seen Sandman story from the '70s, at your local comic shop, or pre-order a digital copy here.

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(Photo: Jon Bogdanove)