'Supergirl' Boss Teases Lena Luthor Turning Evil

It goes without saying that characters with the last name of Luthor tend to skew toward the side of supervillains, but Lena Luthor has been a breathe of fresh air on Supergirl. Her friendship with Kara Danvers has been a series highlight.

But Lena still has that Luthor blood pumping in her veins, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recognizes there’s potential for the character to embrace that darkside.

“The most interesting thing about Lena is that she is so good, and so moral, and believes in second chances, but she comes from this family of truly evil people,” said Kreisberg in an interview with EW. “As people are going to realize over the course of this season, it doesn’t take much to make you bad.”

Kreisberg’s words echo the theme of the season, which promises to explore the characters’ humanity. They are also intending to show the development of a supervillain with the season’s big bad Reign, but Kreisberg hints that Lena could follow suit.

“That’s what’s always interesting about Lena and any scenes she’s in, or any of the adventures that she and Kara go on: People don’t just turn evil; they do one small bad thing and then that leads to another, and then to another, and so any time you’re watching Lena, you’re always wondering, is this the moment when she does the one small thing?” Kreisberg added.

But fans can look forward to more adventures with Kara and Lena to kick of Season Three. Their relationship has been a highlight among the fandom, with the chemistry between actors Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath causing some to ship their two characters.

“I don’t want to give too much of this away, because some of this is the surprise, but Lena and Kara’s friendship will continue to grow,” Kreisberg teased. “There’s a lot of Lena-Kara adventures early on in this season.”

So while we could very well see Lena go full-on Luthor this season, it will be a long journey to get there.

Supergirl returns to The CW next Monday on October 9.

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