Will Fans Be Able to Tell the Difference from the 'Justice League' Reshoots?

Zack Snyder's Justice League film is receiving positive buzz ahead of its premiere next week, so the widely reported reshoots might be paying off. But will they be able to tell the difference between the new and old footage?

A message board post on Chud from user The Dark Shape points out some major differences just in Ben Affleck's appearance alone. Check out the photo below.

justice league reshoot comparison
(Photo: Warner Bros. / The Dark Shape)

Few movies have been scrutinized ahead of its release date as Justice League, partly due to the mixed reactions to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and to the reshoots by Joss Whedon.

And though studio executives have spoken about how they tried to mesh the director's styles into one complete product, and Affleck himself has affirmed the film still adheres to Snyder's vision, some changes might be more noticeable.

While continuity gaffes and edits can cause for noticeable changes in mid scene, this is pretty drastic.

Issues in Affleck's personal life have been well documented over the last few years, including those pertaining to his time as Batman. While that hardly has anything to do with the film's substance, the physical differences are very noticeable.

Does the finished scene of Bruce Wayne meeting Aquaman contain footage from principal photography and Whedon's reshoots? And if so, will fans be able to tell the difference?

Of course, all of this is just speculation until we actually can see the new movie, and even then it might only be noticeable to the few eagle eyed fans. But it's enough to hope that Justice League works its movie magic and makes a seamless transition between the old and new, lest the film breaks viewers' immersion.

The positive reaction to the movie should be getting fans excited, and noticeable differences in the reshoots won't make or break the film. But still, we just hope the changes aren't too noticeable.

Justice League premieres in theaters November 17th.

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