'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Amazing Grace"

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(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Amazing Grace" begins with a scene set in 1950s Memphis. A young man enters a music shop in search of a guitar. The man wants to purchase a guitar that's allegedly cursed. The shop owner gladly gives the man the cursed guitar, and on the way out of the shop, the young man introduces himself to the shop owner: his name is Elvis Presley.

Current day on the Waverider, Zari and Wally are talking about their shared love of video games.

Things starting changing around the ship. Zari's Guitar Hero game has been renamed to Trombone Hero, and Mick's rat is now named Josh Groban.

On the bridge, Gideon reveals that an anachronism has occurred. In 1950s Memphis, Elvis caused mass hysteria, making sure rock and roll never made it out of the city. The team travels back in time to address the anachronism.

As they attend a church service of Elvis' uncle, Zari's totem begins reacting to the guitar Elvis had just purchased. The group realizes that the King of Rock and Roll is another totem bearer.

The group rendezvous on the Waverider only for Wally to speed in with Elvis' guitar. Nate reminds the group that if Elvis doesn't have a guitar, the anachronism won't be fixed.

Nate and Amaya use Gideon to craft a new guitar for Elvis, and the couple takes it to the future rock star, hoping to solve the anachronism. As Elvis goes to take the stage at a performance, however, his guitar is incredibly out of tune, and he's shunned off stage.

Elvis explains to the pair that his guitar isn't working like it used to. He claims that his guitar used to connect him with his twin brother who previously passed away.

Back on the Waverider, Sara and Ray are examining the guitar when they realize Elvis' brother is accompanying the guitar in ghost form. Sara and Ray try reasoning with the ghost to give them back the guitar, but the ghost keeps carrying the instrument throughout the Waverider until Sara addresses the ghost by his name: Jesse.

Sara uses Gideon to perform some research, and she finds out that the totem on the guitar is the Death Totem. Nate has to do some convincing, but eventually Sara caves and lets Nate give the guitar back to Elvis so that he can go to his appointment with a record label.

The recording session is a hit, and the label is about to send the record to a local radio station when Elvis' preacher uncle walks in the studio. He's upset that his nephew is recording rock and roll music and steals the record, not allowing Elvis to play it on the radio.

Elvis' uncle has Elvis, Nate, and Amaya arrested for recording the demo. Nate uses his hidden comm device to radio back to the Waverider. He instructs Zari and Wally to go back into Memphis, take the record from Elvis' uncle, and get it to the radio station so it debuts that night.

On the Waverider, Mick finds out that his pet rat had gotten into poison and has died. Sara, Ray, and Mick proceed to have a funeral for the deceased rodent.

Zari and Wally go to service at Elvis' uncle's church. After the service, the pair approach Lucius, Elvis' uncle, and try convincing him to hand over the record. Wally's able to convince Lucius to hand over the record, and the speedster runs it down to the radio station, which begins playing it immediately. Excited to hear his nephew on the radio, Lucius — and his entire congregation — begin to break out in dance.

Outside, we see ghosts begin to rise from the ground in the church's graveyard. Wally and Zari begin to fight off the ghosts at the church, while ghosts at the jail allow Nate, Amaya, and Elvis to escape. The trio heads to Lucius' church as Nate and Amaya convince Elvis he has the power to send the ghosts back where they came from.

Elvis takes the stage at the church and begins to sing "Amazing Grace". Throughout the song, the ghosts start disappearing, going back into the ground they came from. The last ghost, the one of Elvis' brother Jesse, disappears.


After the scene at the church, Nate and Elvis meet back at the recording studio. There, Elvis thanks Nate for his help and hands over the Death Totem. Elvis then goes into the recording booth to make more music.

The Legends rendezvous back on the Waverider and begin celebrating the fact they reached the Death Totem before the Darhks. Ray builds a lockbox for the newfound totem and stows it away in the basement.