'Justice League' Unseen Footage Shows New Batman and Superman Scene

JL: Couple more seconds of unseen footage featuring the world's finest together, thanks to a VFX reel from r/DC_Cinematic

Ever since Justice League premiered in movie theaters, fans have been clamoring for original director Zack Snyder's version of the movie, angry that many of his scenes were cut.

It turns out, some of replacement director Joss Whedon's scenes were cut from the finished film as well, according to new footage that made its way online due thanks to a visual effects reel.

The new footage shows Batman and Superman having a conversation, presumably after the battle with Steppenwolf has wrapped up. You can tell it's from Whedon's time on the production considering the noticeable CGI on Henry Cavill's face. That's right, folks; MustacheGate continues. Check out the clip above to see for yourself.

Fans have been speculating about what really went down on the set of Justice League, and how much the movie changed after Whedon took over directing duties. Though Snyder remains credited as the sole director of the movie, Whedon did receive sceenwriting credit and handled all of the reshoots.

One recent rumor suggest Snyder was fired from the movie's production, though the company line is that he stepped down a couple months after a family tragedy.

Despite the director initially supporting Warner Bros. statement on the major change in the production, the film was released to resounding criticism and Snyder has since expressed certain frustrations on his social media platform of choice, Vero.

He recently responded to one fan noticing a tease for Justice League 2, using a cheeky hashtag to point out that it's unlikely to happen in the future.

He's supported posts that demand the fabled "Snyder Cut" of the movie.

And Snyder has also gone on to poke fun at the CG removal of Superman's mustache.

All in all, it sounds like Snyder's time in DC Films' universe is at an end… as is Joss Whedon's.

Whedon was supposed to write and direct a Batgirl film, but recently walked away from the project. This news came after his ex-wife wrote a scathing essay about his infidelity and treatment toward woman, causing many to question whether Warner Bros. made an error in hiring Whedon to helm a movie based on Barbara Gordon.

They won't have to worry about that now, and it remains to be seen if Whedon will take on another project in the DC Universe.


These hiccups haven't stopped DC Films from moving forward with other projects, as it was recently revealed Ava DuVernay is working on a movie based on Jack Kirby's New Gods.

Justice League is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.