Warner Bros. Teases 'Wonder Woman 2' Logo

Right now, the state of the DCEU is resting on a pair of well-build shoulders. The franchise might have stumbled with Justice League last fall, but Wonder Woman plans to change its course ASAP. It won’t be long before Wonder Woman 2 moves into production, and it seems fans got a taste of what the sequel’s logo may look like.

This week, Las Vegas is housing a major convention for licensors. The annual Licensing Expo is known to drop superhero goodies on fan, and it already gifted the world an official first-look at Shazam’s costume. As you can see below, Wonder Woman also got a nod with a new logo font.

Over on Reddit, fans began to circulate the new logo after a hasty photo of it was taken at the licensing expo. As you can see below, the logo does not seem to be the actual one for Wonder Woman 2; An image of Diana is seen to the side that was printed beside the first film’s logo. However, the title font here is very different.

PHOTO: New Wonder Woman font revealed from r/DC_Cinematic

As you will recall, the original font for Wonder Woman was simple and rather spread out. The block font was rather skinny, and there was lots of lettering space. The most ornate element of the logo seen in the intersection of its W’s but that is not the case with this new font.

Taking a deep red color, this font is much blockier than the first film’s. Not only is the lettering thicker, but its spacing and the placement of the DC Entertainment logo differs from Wonder Woman’s first font. In fact, this new logo looks more comparable to the one being used for Wonder Woman’s most recent comic run. They both feature a red hue, small margins, and wide widths.

For now, fans will have to wait a bit longer to get a full look at the Wonder Woman 2 logo. The sequel is still in development, but director Patty Jenkins did tell Variety the movie will begin filming soon.

"There's nothing I can say," Jenkins hedged. "Very soon. Shockingly soon."


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Wonder Woman 2 is expected to land in theaters on November 1, 2019.