'Legends of Tomorrow' Showrunner Teases Dark Turn for Nora

Things took a romantic turn during this week's Legends of Tomorrow with a magical entity connected to the ancient Hindu god of love had the heroes under his love spell. While Zari was off singing and dancing and giving into her feelings off-ship, on board the Waverider things got awfully cozy with Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk. However, despite this romantic turn and all of Nora's shift from evil to trying to be good, it seems like Ray might be getting his heart broken as Nora could be headed back to the dark side.

In a recent interview with TVGuide, Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Phil Klemmer opened up about what's next for Nora and, well, it sounds like she's going to have to deal with the darkness she's been trying to leave behind all over again.

"We're going to spend a little time putting Nora into Constantine's world," Klemmer said. "She's been through some real stuff in her life and so we want to remind her and the audience that she hasn't shed all of the burdens of being Damien Darhk's daughter and having been a vessel for a demon last season and having been in a death cult and having grown up in an insane asylum. She's still got a couple of things to work through and we've got a pretty good cliffhanger for her that sort of sets up what we might be playing next season that's not what you'd expect."

Should Nora slide back into darkness, even if only briefly, for most of the Legends team it will something they've already been expecting. Nate already thinks that Nora is responsible for his father's death as he found her standing over the body in a case of "this isn't what it looks like" that really wasn't what it looked like. While Constantine knows the truth, Nora going dark even briefly could only serve to reinforce what people already expect of her -- something that might not go well for her budding relationship with Ray.

"I'm not sure about those two," Klemmer admitted. "I don't know if they can be together. They are [from] crazy different worlds."


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Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.