New Batman and Superman Series to Revolve Around Six DC Comics Heroes Turning Evil

Batman and Superman will team up once again, this team battling other DC Comics heroes. DC Comics today announced Batman/Superman, a new series from writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Justice League/Suicide Squad) and featuring the DC Comics debut of artist David Marquez (Civil War II, Avengers). The series is a follow up to The Batman Who Laughs miniseries, which focuses on a version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who was corrupted by Joker toxin and made into a maniacal villain. The series reveals more of the Batman Who Laughs’s plan to create a new Secret Six made up of DC superhero sleeper agents.

“We discover, through the Batman Who Laughs series that the Batman Who Laughs have been working on this massive plan since [Dark Nights: Metal],” Williams tells The Hollywood Reporter, referring to the DC Comics event series that first introduced the villain. “What it is is, he has sleeper agents throughout the [DC Universe]. They’ve been infected, and they’re slowly turning into the worst versions of themselves. Some of them know they're changing, some don't. Some aren't aware it's kind of like a Jekyll and Hyde situation where they're not aware of [what] the other side is doing.

“This is happening to six people — we’ve been calling them the new Secret Six — who have been turned. But who could be turned? Who are they? [Batman and Superman] have to go out and figure it out. But that means spying on other heroes, friends, allies. We talked about the end of The Thing, where it’s the two of them and they’re like, ‘It could be you, it could be me, but now we have to work together.’”


Unraveling the mystery of who these Secret Six are is a core part of the book. “It becomes this mystery across not just this book but really the line,” Williamson says. “It's a thing where it's not just going to be focused on this one book; it starts here, but you're going to get a situation where, if you are reading the line, you might start piecing some stuff together before like bigger reveals happen. You might be like, 'Oh this weird thing's happening over here, I wonder if that's connected to the story here,' and that's cause, yeah. It is.”

What do you think of the mystery of the new Secret Six? Are you excited to read Batman/Superman? Let us know in the comments.



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