Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: The Team Faces off with Mr. Nobody in "Penultimate Patrol"

doom patrol penultimate patrol
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Last week on Doom Patrol, the team joined up with Flex Mentallo, the hero Danny the Street had previously suggested -- via comic book -- might be able to help find the Chief. Of course, getting Flex's help required them to restore his memories, but now that Flex remembers it's time to act. That means confronting Mr. Nobody, but that may end up easier said than done.

Spoilers for the latest episode of Doom Patrol, "Penultimate Patrol", below.

Chicago, 1946. Eric Morden meets up with a woman at a restaurant and he's carrying a box. It turns out that he works for the Brotherhood of Evil and the box are essentially the contents of his desk. They've fired him because he just isn't cutting it as an evil mastermind. Frustrated with Eric's endless failures, the woman tells him he will always be nobody and dumps him.

In the present, the team minus Vic sets out in the bus following information Vic gave them to find the Beard Hunter. That leads them to Danny the Street. Danny is happy to see them, and it turns out the Beard Hunter is actually there, he's just not doing his weird beard thing anymore. Danny also reveals to the team that he knows where the Chief is -- the White Space, literally the white spaces between panels in comic books. After a mistaken flex gives everyone orgasms, Flex is able to send the team into the White Space.

In the White Space, Mr. Nobody separates the team and puts them into the memories of their last normal moments before they got their powers. He offers them the chance to live in that moment and have their "normal" lives back. However, each of them realizes they've become so much more since their tragedies and they all reject the offer. After Rita takes control of the narrative, they come back together and with Jane's "Dr. Harrison" personality appear to finally have the upper hand over Mr. Nobody. Vic, having been told by his father that his memories of how his mother died were false (she survived, but only one could be saved with the tech) then appears in the White Space killing Mr. Nobody and saving the day.


Back at Doom Manor, they're all a happy coordinated team and set off to deal with a mysterious robot that is menacing Cloverton. However, they fail and die horribly. Over and over and over as the Chief watches. Eventually he figures it out: they haven't won. They are being tortured by Mr. Nobody. This is confirmed when the real Vic shows up. Back in the White Space, it turns out there is only one way for the team to leave and not die and that is for the Chief to tell the truth. He's reluctant to do so, but after some support from the team he does so: the accidents each member of Doom Patrol endured to get their powers weren't accidents. The Chief was behind all of them.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe with new episodes arriving each Friday.


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