Krypton Reportedly Being Shopped to Other Outlets

Sadly DC fans are having to say goodbye much too soon to Syfy's series Krypton after the network announced it is ending after just its second season. The series has been a critical favorite amongst fans but evidently didn't pull in enough viewers for the network, and they also shelved the planned Lobo spinoff to boot. That said, perhaps there's still a future for the show, just somewhere else, as a new report from Deadline says that Krypton producer Warner Horizon Scripted Television is discussing doing the show with other outlets and is exploring ways to continue the franchise in some form or fashion.

The most likely destinations would be DC Universe or the new HBO Max streaming service, which are both under Warner Media's control. DC Universe already runs the first season of Krypton so that might be the easiest transition, but the future of that service overall is also a bit in flux at the moment. The show has several upcoming projects in development, with Titans ready to bow soon and Stargirl up to bat next.

Doom Patrol will also be getting a second season, and that will also air on HBO Max, so the plan might be to migrate all of DC Universe's content to that service eventually. In any case, HBO Max would be a fantastic home for the show and would give the service yet another exclusive property that it could use to justify the service.

Eventually, Warner Media will have a nice catalog of IP as part of its service, though at the moment many of their biggest hitters are aligned with other services in exclusive agreements. Friends will remain on Netflix until that deal runs out next year, but then will be exclusive to the service. The same is evidently the plan for Seinfeld, which is exclusive to Hulu until 2021, as well as The Big Bang Theory at some point.


2021 will also be the year that the other TGIF comedies that Warner Media looks to reboot will return home. Full House, Perfect Strangers, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, and Family Matters are all exclusive to Hulu at the moment, but when that deal is up Warner Media will scoop them back up. When you combine all of that IP it's certainly an impressive list, and if they can bolster it with original content, especially based on those existing popular properties, Warner Media might have what it takes to carve themselves out a piece of this rather lucrative pie.

That said, the show could always find a home on Netflix or Amazon Prime's service, so we'll be interested to see how this plays out.

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