Leviathan's Real Identity Revealed in Event Leviathan #6

event leviathan 6
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Who is Leviathan? That is the question that kicked off Brian Michael Bendis' Event Leviathan series, a series that saw the various intelligence groups of the DC Universe toppled while a group of hero detectives attempted to find out who the mysterious figure was -- and what they wanted -- before their plan could be fully enacted and unleashed on the world. As the series wove its story forward, it became pretty clear that the mysterious Leviathan was a Manhunter -- Damian Wayne figured that much out in Event Leviathan #5. The real question was which one. Now, with Event Leviathan #6 here we finally have that answer.

Spoilers for Event Leviathan #6 below.

Event Leviathan #6 played out largely as a recap issue in which Superman delivered to Lois Lane the story, finally finish the story begin in the first issue. As Lois works, Superman confirms that he did in fact see Leviathan's face, a direct look at that, and could confirm that the mysterious Leviathan was none other than Mark Shaw, a former Manhunter and, more recently, a spy. It's also revealed that Shaw genuinely believes that what he is doing with Leviathan is the right thing -- so much so that Leviathan as a group won't oppose Superman. They want him on their side. They want him to be part of their new world of truth.

That new world of truth is part of the stunning reveal in regard to Leviathan. It turns out that the plan was to reveal all of the world's secrets at once, toppling governments all at once and instead rebuilding a world without secrets.

"The world has gone to Hell," Shaw says. "You know that! What are you protecting? Governments? With their secrets revealed.... they'll be gone by Monday. That's what comes next. That's what happens this morning. All secrets revealed! And then we can build something real. Truthful."


Yet, that's not what happens. Shaw's identity and plan are exposed on the front page of the Daily Planet, disaster apparently averted at the very last moment. However, despite finally knowing the real identity of Leviathan, the story is far from over. The issue and the series ends with Shaw coming up with a new plan. If exposing the truth and "fixing" the world didn't work, they'd have to do this on hard mode. He'll have to burn the world down instead.

Event Leviathan #6 is on sale now.

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