Watchmen Writer Speaks Out About HBO Series Not Returning for Season 2

Watchmen has been a giant topic of conversation as fans clamor for a second season of the HBO series. Now, one of the show’s writers speaks up about all the calls for more episodes. Lila Byock penned "She Was Killed by Space Junk" which introduces the audience to Laurie Blake. Now, the writer seems to be in line with showrunner Damon Lindelof when it comes to another round of episodes with Angela Abar and the characters in her orbit. Many have wondered where Sister Night’s story would go if there had been more time, but just as many are fine with a little ambiguity when it comes to that final shot of the series. With all the conflicting reports out there, it feels like the resolution won’t be concrete until a formal announcement comes out from HBO itself.

On Twitter Byock wrote, “Actually, some things *do* end, and that’s okay.” This is a reference to Doctor Manhattan’s comments to Adrian Veidt in the graphic novel. But, maybe they will come to characterize the show’s run on HBO as well. Damon Lindelof and company had the unenviable task of building on material that a lot of fans considered off-limits. Some of the fanbase haven’t been so encouraging of the show, but the media at large and a lot of fans have been nothing short of effusive when it comes to praising the show.

Lindelof talked to USA Today after Casey Bloys commented about the show this week. The paper says:

“He's told the story he wants to tell and has no interest in a second season, though he's "given my blessing" to HBO should it want to pursue a new installment with another writer-producer."


Bloys reiterated this fact after the first season wrapped. "If he has an idea that he's excited about, then I'm excited; if he wants to do something else, then that's what I want to do...The one thing Damon has been clear about is he doesn't see a continuation of this story," Bloys admitted of whether Watchmen would be submitted to the Emmys as a Limited Series. "He has to think about it more and we have to think about, as it relates to Emmys, what the right category is so that we're not misrepresenting where we want it to be or where it should be. A lot of that will depend on Damon's plans for the future and what he's thinking about."

Well, as with everything Watchmen, now all there is left to do is wait. Tick. Tock.

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