Aquaman Cosplay Goes Viral With Distracted Boyfriend Meme

With Halloween right around the corner, social media has been set aflame with pictures of the best — and the worst — costumes. From wholesome family entertainment like this family dressing up as the original Avengers to Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Lill Reinhart dressing up as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, most bases have been covered.

Now, we can credit the fast-approaching premiere of Aquaman for giving us one of the most viral costume photos of the season.

Posted on several different social media platforms, the image in question shows a movie-accurate Arthur Curry walking down the street holding the hand of a movie-accurate Mera.

In line of the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme — yeah, you know the one — Mera can be seen looking back at a comic-accurate Aquaman complete with a hot orange shirt and black briefs over green tights while a disgusted Arthur looks on.

Aquaman Cosplay from r/comicbooks

And while we've only seen Curry (Jason Momoa) in his greenish chain mail-like armor in all of his DC Extended Universe appearances so far, he'll have a more comic-accurate look by the time Aquaman ends. According to Aquaman director James Wan, they wanted to include the classic costume without making it look too campy.

"We associate so much of the cheese of the character so much with the Super Friends cartoon that we're familiar with, and the look of it, but that's also what really makes him cool," Wan said. "It was kind of like taking that idea and making sure that that aesthetic fits with the look of what Atlantis is today, or what Atlantis was back then."

"The key was to try and take that classic outfit and make sure it's not goofy, make sure it's not cheesy," Wan said. "Just trying to do it justice, but do it in a way that potentially wink at the classic old costume, but bringing a sort of modern sensibility to it."

With such a peculiar reputation, Wan went to explain that he wanted to embrace what people knew of Arthur Curry's powers and exploit it to their advantage.

"I don't think making an Aquaman movie can be any other tone than this, right?" Wan said. "In pop culture, he is known as the lamest super hero. So you've got lean into that. You've got to play into that. You've got to have fun with it, right? Like, yes, he rides seahorses, but in our movie, you wouldn't be laughing at a seahorse like that. I wanted to embrace what people think is goofy and potentially campy about this world and really make it fun and adventurous in a cool way."


What's the best set of Halloween costumes you've seen so far? Are you looking forward to Aquaman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.