'Aquaman' Funko POPs Suggest Brutal Moment for Vulko

The Aquaman solo film is still months away from its debut, but that hasn't stopped fans from being [...]

The Aquaman solo film is still months away from its debut, but that hasn't stopped fans from being curious about what to expect. And while it's unknown exactly when the film's first trailer will debut, a new piece of info suggests a pretty deadly moment.

A screenshot has recently been making the rounds on Reddit, which previews some of rumored Funko POP figures for Aquaman. At the top of the list is a pop for Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe), which comes with a bloody "Chase" figure.


For the uninitiated, Chase POPs are different variations on a normal POP's design, and are typically harder to acquire in stores or online. Chases usually feature different head designs for the characters (as can be seen above with the rumored Ocean Master POP), different color schemes, or some other different aesthetic factor.

And while bloody POPs certainly have become increasingly commonplace over the years (The Walking Dead's Funko lines is a major example), having Vulko have a bloody Chase might raise a few questions. Granted, Funko POPs for comic book movies don't always reflect what makes it into the film, as fans saw last year when Vulko got a Justice League mystery mini figure, even though he was ultimately cut from the film.

"Vulko's his connection to Atlantis," Jason Momoa, who will play the film's titular character, explained last year. "I think what [Justice League director] Zack [Snyder] and I did, we were kind of trying to establish that he was taken down there as a boy, and he was an outcast, he was a half-breed, and he was built up as a young boy, because he was fed all these ideas by Vulko--that he was the rightful king. And he gets down there, and he's a half breed, he's impure, and I'm just made to feel like I'm this disease. So after that, I was like, 'f*** you, f*** you, I'm on my own.'"

With that in mind, Vulko possibly getting a bloody Chase figure certainly contributes to the mystery surrounding his character. But considering the usual release window for Funko POPs - usually two or three months before a film debuts - fans won't have to wait too long to find out.

Are you excited to see these Aquaman Funko POPs? Which do you think you'll add to your collection? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Aquaman will land in theaters on December 21st.