'Aquaman' Movie Figure Reveals New Mera Costume

DC fans have already seen Mera's main costume in the Aquaman movie, but a new toy just gave us a [...]

DC fans have already seen Mera's main costume in the Aquaman movie, but a new toy just gave us a look at an alternate look she sports somewhere in the film.

The new costume is a more regal design with a glistening silver top and a gorgeous multicolored skirt with swaths of red, purple, and blue. The upper part of the ensemble has an orange clamshell attached to it and Mera's trademark red hair is in an updo.

This is much different than the typical green costume that she sports both in the comics and in the movie, but a similar regal look also debuted today in the comics. In today's issue of Suicide Squad Mera takes her throne and wears an all-white dress with gold accents and a teal robe that drapes off her.

She's surrounded by her Atlantean soldiers, as she is the new leader of Atlantis. Perhaps Mera's new look in the movie comes from a royal banquet or ceremony of some kind, as well. You can check out the new look in the image above.

At the Aquaman set visit, Mera actress Amber Heard explained how a sense of duty to Atlantis is a huge part of the character.

"Mera is strongly tied to — she has a strong sense of duty and responsibility that's tied to Atlantis and her role in Atlantis," Heard said. "She deeply cares about her position that she believes she was not just born to do, that she has worked her whole life to be able to do well. It's not enough just to have inherited this position. Her sense of honor and duty is inartistically tied to her place in leading Atlantis and doing the right thing for her people."

"Mera's her own woman," Heard continued. "She's her own superhero. She's not Aquawoman. She's Mera. Part of what got me, you know when I first talked to Zack [Snyder] on the phone about the prospect of doing this film, he said, 'She's a warrior queen. Basically, you get a sword and a crown'. And I was like, 'OK, you know how to pitch to your audience.' Alright, I'm listening now. I don't want to be a damsel. I've played a range of characters as diverse as I've been able to. Being a woman, especially a bit of a young woman in this industry, raising myself in this industry, it's been limited, but I've done the most with what I can. Especially considering that the one thing, the one element they all have in common is that they're driven or powerful in their own right."

Aquaman lands in theaters on Friday, Dec. 21.