New 'Aquaman' Set Footage Reveals Intense Chase Scene

In August a photo from the set of Aquaman popped up online that showed what appeared to be Mera running from a pair of armed Atlantean soldiers. Now, as the upcoming DC Extended Universe film wraps up production a new video is offering a breakdown of just how that scene was filmed.

In the video shared by Pursue News, Amber Heard's stunt double Joanna Bennett performs multiple passes of the rooftop chase scene with Bennett runs from two Atlantean Commandos chasing her from behind. In the scene, Bennet runs across a roof before jumping to a lower roof below. You can check out the video above.

In the clip, the Atlantean pursuers are dressed from head-to-toe in armor and appear to have weapons in hand. With details about Aquaman having been kept quiet during its production it's unclear why Mera is being chased, though if her pursuers are Atlantean soldiers, it's possible that these soldiers are part of Orm the Ocean Master's army. Fans got a look at the villain's shark-riding crew in the footage shown at San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer with Aquaman attempting to reason with them before battling so it's possible that these same forces could be going after Mera as well.

In addition to the video, the report also indicated that Aquaman will officially wrap production this month. The second unit — which shoots establishing shots, stunts and other supplementary material — is set to wrap up on Friday, October 10 with the whole production coming to a close on October 20. Fans will have to wait until December 21, 2018 to see just what this chase scene is about, but with Justice League hitting theaters next month, fans will at least get their first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman soon.


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