'Arrow' Brings Back Cupid, Deathstroke II, and China White in "Past Sins"

The CW has released the official synopsis for "Past Sins," the January 28 episode of Arrow from director David Ramsey.

The episode represents the first time that Ramsey, who has been a series regular since the pilot, has stepped behind the camera to direct an episode of Arrow.

The episode deals with Diggle and his wife Lyla, serving as the director of ARGUS, re-establishing the Ghost Initiative (as previously led by Damien Darhk way back in season 4)..

What is missing -- at least so far -- is any mention of Emiko Queen, the new Green Arrow. What is not missing? A treasury of villains including Deathstroke II (Liam Hall), Cupid (Amy Gumenick), and China White (Kelly Hu).

This seems to be the Arrow version of Suicide Squad, now that the term is off-limits because DC is using it in the movies.

The original Arrowverse Suicide Squad included Deadshot (Michael Rowe), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), and a handful of one- or two-and-done villains. Later iterations continued to appear until right around the time the first Suicide Squad feature film debuted in theaters.

Deathstroke II previously appeared in "Elseworlds," as one of the Arrow villains who were reimagined as Central City Police Department officers in the rewritten reality where Oliver Queen and Barry Allen were the Trigger Twins, a pair of outlaws who faced off against John Deegan's black-suited Superman.

You can check out the episode synopsis below.


The past comes back to haunt both Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Curtis (Echo Kellum) is upset when he discovers that Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) have restarted The Ghost Initiative with Diaz (guest star Kirk Acevedo), China White (guest star Kelly Hu), Kane Wolfman (guest star Liam Hall) and Carrie Cutter (guest star Amy Gumenick).


David Ramsey directed the episode written by Onalee Hunter Hughes & Tonya Kong.

Arrow airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT, before episodes of Black Lightning on The CW.