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The episode opens with Team Arrow chasing a thief through Star City. Ragman is MIA, probably due to Felicity's bombshell, but the rest of the team is in position. Unfortunately, Wild Dog begins firing early, which throws the entire operation off. After Mr. Terrific takes a beating, Green Arrow intervenes and then tells everyone they're taking a few days off.

After the mission, Ragman tells Oliver that he quitting the team, as Felicity reminds him too much of everything he lost. Afterwards, Lyla shows up to the Arrow Cave to plan Diggle's planned prison break. Felicity's not exactly on board with that plan, so Lyla suggests they steal a new piece of tech (an "anti-molecular compound) to make the break-in easier.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver hatch a plan to interrogate one of Kovar's men. Anatoly pours booze on Oliver, and Oliver poses as a drunk to get arrested.

Back in the present day, Oliver claims that he has a nasty case of gout so he can take a few days off to rescue Diggle. He tasks Adrian and Quentin to keep building a case against Tobias Church.

Curtis discovers that Church's thief was trying to steal a common processor. He also finds out that someone is trying to break into Palmer Tech. When Felicity calls Oliver about the theft, Oliver answers....from inside Palmer's storage room.

arrow penance 2

When Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave, he and Felicity argue over whether Oliver should break Diggle out of prison. Felicity says that it's Diggle's call, but Oliver says he hopes she comes to her senses and also recommends she talk to Rory.

Adrian and Quentin arrive at the jail to transfer evidence, but Church has brought a small army to get the processor. Turns out, the processor was a bomb, so Church could bust into the evidence locker and get some heavy weaponry out.

Meanwhile, Team Arrow 2.0 confronts Oliver about skipping town. Things quickly devolve into a fistfight, and Oliver leaves his trainees lying on the ground before driving off.

Felicity helps the team lick their wounds back at the Arrow Cave, when Thea and Quentin show up to tell them about Church's prison break. Felicity orders the team to hit the street and find out what Church has planned.

Lyla poses as a army truck driver to get into the prison gates, and Oliver gets inside the prison itself by hiding in some laundry. He rigs the camera system so Lyla can guide him to Diggle's cell. But when Oliver gets to the cell, it turns out he's been transferred to the prison's general population, meaning that he won't be back in his cell before their extraction window is up.

In a flashback, Oliver "talks" to Kovar's lackey inside the jail by chopping him in the throat. He threatens the lackey's family, so the lackey gives him the IP address to a "digital deaddrop" to contact Kovar. He then snaps the lackey's neck and kills him.

Felicity has her talk with Rory. She apologizes again and says Havenrock will be her legacy, but Rory says he can't work with her.

Felicity and Team Arrow discovers that Church is going after Star City's Anti-Crime Unit.

In order to get Diggle back into his cell, Oliver takes out one of the guards and leaves him there for another guard to find. That triggers the guard to call for all the prisoners to be sent back to their cells immediately.

At the Anti-Crime Unit, Chase tries to get Church's man (the one Team Arrow captured earlier) to flip by threatening thim and turning off the cameras. Just then, Church shows up to take down the Anti-Crime Unit.

Felicity is hesitant to send Team Arrow into action, but Rory shows and up convinces her to let them go into the field.

When Diggle arrives back in the cell, Oliver drops down from the ceiling. Oliver tells him that if Diggle needs penance, he should do it as Spartan and not in a prison. That convinces Diggle to go with Oliver, so Oliver uses the anti-molecular agent to create a hole in the floor for them to escape.

Oliver and Diggle head through the sewers, but someone jams the comms to keep Lyla from telling them how to get out. They end up having to climb into the prison yard, where a plane literally snatches them up off the ground before the army MPs can arrest them

Team Arrow arrives at the Anti-Crime unit to rescue Chase and the rest of the police out. The team works well together at first, but Church tosses a knife into Mr. Terrific's back and then beats the heck of Wild Dog as the rest of the team escapes. Lance arrives in a van to grab Artemis, Mr. Terrific and Ragman, but Wild Dog gets left behind.

Lyla and Oliver put Diggle into an abandoned warehouse, before Oliver leaves to take care of his new team.

Back in Russia, Oliver tells Anatoly he completed the mission, thus earning him a place in the Bratva.

Chase tells Thea and Quentin that his opinion on vigilantes have changed, and also says that Church probably has Wild Dog.

Felicity beats herself up for losing Wild Dog, but Rory (of all people) comforts her and says she made an impossible choice. Oliver arrives back at the Arrowcave and tells the team they're going to find Wild Dog.


That's probably a good thing, as the episode ends with Church telling Wild Dog that he's going to break him and leave him for the Green Arrow to find.