'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Unmasked"

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(Photo: The CW)

"Unmasked" starts with an unknown woman waking up and going through a training regimen. She's drinking a post-workout shake when a news story featuring Oliver comes on the TV. The woman suits up — she's the new Green Arrow.

Elsewhere, Felicity accidentally startles Oliver when he's taken a shower — he's having a tough time adapting to outside life.

In a flash forward, the group goes to an underground fighting ring to speak with Blackstar, who happens to be one of the lady fighters.

Rene and Dinah are at a dinner and the latter asks the former whether or not he'd consider a run for public office. Felicity and Oliver arrive at the dinner and are instantly approached by Max Fuller, and the trio has a contentious standoff.

We find out it's some kind of dinner where Oliver is speaking and the moment he steps up to the podium, he's attacked by arrows. He's able to stop most of the arrows, but he's too late — the attacker's able to murder someone.

The crew looks at the security footage and comes to the conclusion that the attacker was going after Clayton Ford, a philanthropist that's donated a substantial amount of money for a health clinic in The Glades.

Rene offers to introduce Dinah and Oliver to the new Green Arrow, but she runs away from them.

The next day at the police station, Dinah reveals that the new Green Arrow has an alibi from the attack. While the trio was chasing her, Ford was murdered across town.

In a flash forward, the group finds out that Blackstar works as a broker and worked with Felicity on locating some needed technology.

Oliver realizes that the two murdered people have connections to Fuller, so he decides to go talk to him. At the opening of his new club, Fuller tells Oliver that Ford had some ins with the Triads. On Oliver's way out, Max asks him why he cares so much about the city.

Oliver returns home to Felicity and tells her he thinks Fuller is hiding something. On his way in, Felicity realizes the security alarm didn't trip and the two are soon ambushed by a bow-wielding attacker. To Oliver's surprise, Felicity shoots the attacker.

Dinah and the cops arrive to arrest the attacker and Oliver argues with Felicity about her use of a firearm. Dinah identifies the attacker as Frank Cassady and Oliver notices that the USB found with him is the same one that Fuller uses to pay his hired hands in cryptocurrency.

Since Fuller's club is at full capacity, Dinah convinces Oliver to suit up as the Green Arrow to raid the club and arrest Fuller. Oliver's able to take out Fuller's hired hands so Dinah and her crew are able to enter the club and arrest the mastermind.

Oliver and Dinah return to the police department and Mayor Pollard orders Dinah to arrest Oliver for violating the anti-vigilante laws. Dinah refuses and informs Pollard that Oliver is now an employee of the Star City Police Department so he was acting in best interests of the city. Pollard storms out and promises the pair that she'll stop them.


Lyla and Diggle arrive at a prison to question Ricardo Diaz about a separate case they're investigating. Diggle tells Diaz they need his help in the case.

The episode ends with the woman we saw earlier at the grave of Robert Queen. She calls him dad, revealing that the new Green Arrow is Oliver's sister.