Arrow Recap with Spoilers: Everyone's Trapped in "Living Proof"

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Heads up, full Arrow spoilers ahead!

The police department gets a hold of the real security camera footage and gets a warrant to search Felicity's new office. She arrives and is nearly arrested, but she uses sonic-based powers to knock the police out and elude capture.

The majority of Team Arrow is able to free themselves from the rubble, but Oliver continues to be stuck. He eventually starts seeing a vision of Tommy Merlyn, offering him advice on how to escape. Oliver manages to get out of the rubble he's crushed under, but he's trapped in the room, unable to leave. He spends the majority of the episodes talking to, arguing with, and making amends with Tommy.

Eventually, Roy puts risks death to walk through noxious gas in an attempt to cut the facility's power in hopes it'd help free Oliver. The team tracks him down and it's revealed the entire sequence with Tommy was a dream. Oliver wakes up and is rescued by Team Arrow.

Dinah gets an APB — Emiko has dressed up as the Green Arrow and begins slaughtering police officers with the Ninth Circle. Team Arrow converges on the police precinct and start battling her and her troops. It's revealed that Emiko has taken a new weapon. She manages to escape without incident.

In the future, the team finds out Rene and his cronies aim to use ARCHER to turn the Glades into a police state. It's not too long before William and Felicity have a follow out over the former's upbringing. In the future, William goes off the script and tries infiltrating Galaxy One but he — along with Rene — get captured. Alena agrees to work with Felicity and the team to destroy ARCHER.

Other tidbits from tonight's episode:

  • At one point, Felicity and Alena are working from the Team Arrow bunker. They're interrupted by Emiko and in a fit of panic, Felicity lets both Emiko and Alena know she's pregnant. Emiko leaves knowing she can using the pregnancy to hold over Oliver's head.

Arrow airs Monday nights at 9/8 p.m. Central on The CW.



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