Arrow Stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey Preview the Final Season

This year marks a major milestone in the ongoing Arrowverse, which has seen many DC Comics series come to live on The CW with popular shows such as Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and many more. But it's the flagship series of Arrow that made it all happen, and that long-running series will finally come to a close with the end of the eighth season. But Arrow still has a lot of ground to cover, especially as it sets up Crisis on Infinite Earths. But despite the big crossover, the show will end much like how it began: with Oliver Queen and John Diggle, side by side.

Actors David Ramsey and Stephen Amell, who have starred in nearly every episode of the series thus far, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what fans should expect to see when the show premieres for its final season.

"Diggle is as he should be, at Oliver's side," said Ramsey. "That's how we begin this season. And ultimately, that's how we end it... Their dynamic is incredible. A good chunk of what we're doing will be with the three of them in a way that they haven't been before."

Added Amell, "I've loved our scenes in the first two episodes. I thought it was important at the end of season 7, us shaking hands and Oliver saying thank you. It was scripted to the group, but I wanted to make sure, going into Season 8, that it was actually to her and that they shook hands, because as character I purposefully never called her Laurel until that moment. So her being the mix this year, it's been a lot of fun. I think she's nailing it."

The series will drag Green Arrow away from his family in a quest to save the Multiverse, with Oliver Queen working with the Monitor in hopes of preventing Crisis on Infinite Earths. But Felicity will continue to weigh heavily on the character.


"The the biggest thing is just him believing Felicity when she says, 'Whatever happens, whatever happens to you, I'll find you.' That's his guiding light," Amell said. "I'm sure that he's gonna have to pass a test along the way, but this final season is more about a resolve."

Arrow returns for its final season on Tuesday, October 15th.