Arrow's Stephen Amell Nominated to be Immortalized in Butter Potrait

2016 may not go down as people's favorite year on record, but for Arrow star Stephen Amell it is ending on a truly strange note. Arrow has rediscovered its footing in season 5, and is about to have play a central role (pun) in the biggest DC TV crossover yet ("Invasion), but offscreen, Amell has had to deal with some... rather interesting things.

A fan recently head-butted Amell in the face in an attempt to "fight the Green Arrow"; thankfully, Amell took the high road and didn't show him why The Hood is so feared. The latest test of star power the actor is facing is far less damaging: a company wants to preserve his visage in butter.

Organic Valley is holding a contest right now for (fans? Consumers?) to nominate someone for a butter portrait, and most superhero fans would agree that Stephen Amell has a face that deserves preserving.

Meanwhile, Arrow prepares to join Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in the big four-part "Invasion" crossover event; after that, season 5 still has the threat of Prometheus and his mysterious identity to deal with.


Arrow airs Wednesday nights @ 8/7c on The CW.