'Arrow': Stephen Amell Says Something Happens on Show That They Can Never Undo

The CW renewed Arrow for its seventh season last week much to the delight of fans, but according [...]

The CW renewed Arrow for its seventh season last week much to the delight of fans, but according to series star Stephen Amell the new season will involve something that can't be undone.

Speaking at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Chicago this weekend, Amell told fans that fans can expect a normal time jump between seasons six and seven but hinted that something major would also happen.

"I think that we will do what we typically do, which is we do a basic time cut, so if we wrap up season six in May, where we find our characters we will be in October," Amell said. "I know where Oliver begins the year, but I know that it is something on the show, more so than anything that we've ever done, more so than blowing up the island, it is something on the show that we can never undo, if that makes sense. And if it doesn't make sense, even better."

The island Amell is referring to is Lian Yu, the island where Oliver Queen was stranded during the five years he was believed to be dead. A.R.G.U.S. later used the island as their own supermax prison. During Arrow's season five finale, Adrian Chase/Prometheus destroyed the island in his attack on Oliver, injuring Diggle (David Ramsey), placing Thea (Willa Holland) in a coma, and killing Samantha Clayton (Anna Hopkins), the mother of Oliver's son, William (Jack Moore). Destroying an island is a significant act and certainly one that can't be undone. If whatever Amell is referring to is even more permanent than blowing up Lian Yu, it could mark a major shift for the series.

As for what that even would be, Arrow's sixth season still has several episodes left so literally anything could happen, but there may be a few clues thanks to the most recent episode, "Brothers in Arms". In the episode, Oliver told Diggle that despite having promised that his return to Green Arrow would be temporary with Diggle taking the hood over again in time, Oliver had changed his mind. This led to ultimately telling Oliver that he doesn't agree with his leadership style and that he cares more about himself than saving the city and ended with Diggle leaving Team Arrow. Ramsey recently told TV Line that Diggle's decision is a long-term one. It's not impossible that Diggle's departure may have something to do with whatever Amell is referring to.

Another, and perhaps the most likely possibility, is that fans could see Oliver reveal himself to be the Green Arrow. Amell has previously said that he'd like to see Oliver have his own Iron Man moment where, as Tony Stark did in the 2008 movie, he reveals himself to the world. Oliver revealing his vigilante identity would be something the show certainly wouldn't really be able to undo. It would also be something that could tie to one of the plot elements this season. After all, Oliver is under federal indictment with the charges claiming that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Having Oliver openly embrace his Green Arrow identity -- or having it irrefutably proven in court -- would fit the bill for something the show can't take back.

What do you think the big thing is that Amell is referring to? Let us know your theories in the comments!

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