Stephen Amell Teases Return Of 'Arrow' Season 4 Suit

Another day, another peculiar social media tease from Arrow star Stephen Amell.

While Amell's portrayal of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow can currently be seen in a more long-sleeved superhero suit, the actor recently shared a photo of himself wearing the previous Season 4 incarnation of the suit. You can check it out below.

On it's own, this photo might not be too suspicious, as the Season 4 suit has made return appearances before (namely in flashbacks during last season's Olicity-heavy episode, "Underneath"). But combined with other things that Amell has shared on social media, it's sure to raise some fans' eyebrows.

Earlier this week, Amell shared a photo of a model ship, which was a pretty frequent background prop inside the Queen Mansion. This kicked off quite a bit of speculation amongst Arrow fans, as the mansion no longer exists within the show's continuity. The Queen Mansion was burned down in the Arrow Season 2.5 tie-in comics, meaning that this return to the mansion would need to be some sort of flashback sequence or alternate reality.

So, there's a very good chance that this photo of the Season 4 suit could also have something to do with a new set of flashbacks, meaning that the motif might jump around a bit in Arrow's timeline. Or, there's a very good chance that the Season 4 scene is completely unconnected from the Queen Mansion scene, and that more than one of the upcoming episodes will feature some sort of jumps around the show's canon.

But in a weird way, this photo of the Season 4 suit could line up with Amell's recent tease about an upcoming Oliver-heavy episode.

"Putting the starting touches on episode 618 after putting the finishing touches on episode 617 directed by my good buddy Mark Bunting, who I felt incredibly fortunate, more fortunate than usual to work with one David Paul Ramsey," Amell said in a recent Facebook video. "We're also on 618 getting into a super old-school episode where I don't know since maybe season 1 or season 2 where I've been in the percentage of the episode that I'm in, like 90...I think there are like 55 scenes and I'm in 52 of them."


Could this Ollie-heavy episode be a trip down memory lane? And could we get a new glimpse at something from Season 4 in the process? Let us know what you think in the comments, Arrow fans.

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