Arrow: Willa Holland Blasts WB For Squashing Suicide Squad Plans


As DC's Cinematic Universe continues to take place, some actors from DC's television shows still seem a little upset about being left out. During an interview at MCM Comic Con, Arrow star Willa Holland stated frustration with the divide betweenDC's television and movie universes. "Marvel does it in their own weird way - the mash between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the movies and stuff," Holland told the Daily Mirror. "So it's a little upsetting because you know it is possible and it can be done and how good it would be if it was done."

One example Holland gave was the casting of Ezra Miller as the Flash in the DC Cinematic Universe over Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in the CW television show. "Basically you're giving the world two different Flashes all of a sudden," Holland said. She added that Gustin would "kill it" playing the Flash on the big screen.

Holland also added that plans for the Suicide Squad movie interfered with Arrow's plans for Harley Quinn and other DC characters. Although the Suicide Squad appeared in several episodes during the first few season of Arrow, the show's versions of Deadshot and Amanda Waller were both killed when the show was informed they interfered with plans for a movie.

However, despite those frustrations, Holland admitted it was no good arguing or complaining about the changes, since DC/Warner Bros were the people who gave them their jobs in the first place. So, she said, "You just have to sit there on your hands!"


(via the Daily Mirror)