Batman's 'Arkham Knight' Batmobile Will Appear in the Comics

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

The Batmobile has been many many different evolutions over the decades of its existence, and fans of the Batman Arkham game series will be thrilled to hear that the version they got to speed around Gotham City in while playing Arkham Knight will soon be appearing in the Batman comic book as part of official canon!

Batman writer Tom King revealed the panel above from the upcoming Batman #39, which clearly depicts Batman in "Batarmor" armed with a "Batsword," standing alongside the Arkham Knight Batmobile.

Issue #39 will conclude the "Superfriends" storyline, which will see Batman teaming up with Wonder Woman. This image may give a hint to what was teased in the issue #38 description that states, "Batman’s hunt for the killer puts him face to face with a strange mirror version of his own past." Based on the way Catwoman and Batman are interacting in the scene, it seems as though The Dark Knight is suiting up for some kind of Wonder Woman-themed battle, and is none too happy with the mandated combat attire.

A new Batmobile stopped being a novelty several decades ago, but instances like this - where we see an iconic Batmobile being adapted for the comics - is always fun event. It's happened with so many popular versions of the Batmobile in media - from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie Batmobile, to the Batman: The Animated Series version, to these modern designs from the games.

Batman #39 hits shelves on January 17, 2018.