DC Gives a Major Hero Their Powers Back

Tom King's Batman run came to an end last week with Batman #85, concluding the "City of Bane" arc and also tied up some of the loose threads from the entirety of King's overall time on the title. While most of those threads were pretty big ones -- including the fallout of the death of Alfred Pennyworth and the reunion of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle as a couple -- there were some other significant details that were also dealt with and, for one character, that meant having their powers restored.

First appearing in the very first issue of King's run, Gotham Girl/Claire Clover and her brother Gotham/Henry Clover Jr. get superpowers by mysterious means and are protecting Gotham. It's revealed that their powers come with a hefty price: as the siblings use their powers, they shorten their lives. Gotham dies using up all of his powers and Gotham Girl, driven to deep despair by her grief has a bit of a breakdown. It's ultimately revealed that her powers come from Bane's venom and that she has been working with Bane to break Batman as a result and, as we get deeper into the run, she's growing sicker and weaker from using her powers, her own life running out a bit more each time she uses her powers

In Batman #85, though, Batman is seen climbing a crane with Gotham Girl. With Bane defeated, the pair have a sincere conversation. Batman is seen taking responsibility for everything Gotham Girl has been through while Gotham Girl wants her to be happy and wants to know how he can best help her with Bane gone. It's during that conversation that Batman says he has something for her and while she jokes that she's excited for her wedding invite, he reveals that what he has for her is something much better. Batman has in his hand a piece of platinum kryptonite. It's an item that was given to Batman by Superman in Batman: Secret Files #1 and has the power to grant anyone who touches the item essentially the powers of Superman. Batman offers it to Gotham Girl because of everything she's been through -- combined with the fact that he knows that she's a good person and hey, she already knows how to fly.

For Gotham Girl, this is a huge restoration. With Bane gone, she no longer had her original powers and she also had a real opportunity to do something else with her life. Getting her powers restored -- and even better at that -- she really has the ability to be a hero in her own right and to do what Batman tells her: "There are no good deaths, but there are good lives. Let's try to live one of those."

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Batman #85 is on sale now.