Batman and Superman Transforming Robot Battle Chicken Figures Exist


In what is undoubtedly the most bizarre action figure collaboration in history, DC Comics and Ccstoys have joined forces to bring you Batman and Superman-themed Q-Mech Battle Chicken figures. It’s even weirder than it seems.

The Batman Q-Mech Battle Chicken figure can transform from a cute little superhero chick to a merciless killing machine in only a few steps. In addition to the twin cannons, the Batman Battle Chicken figure comes with a line launcher and a Batarang. You can pre-order this extremely unique 6-inch figure for your collection right here for a whopping $121.99 with free shipping. It is expected to arrive in August.


While the idea of Bruce Wayne developing an armored and weaponized Batman chicken suit is merely absurd, the idea of a Battle Chicken Superman packing twin cannons is downright hilarious. The figure also features Kryptonite and Chicken Clark Kent glasses as accessories. You can pre-order the Superman Q-Mech Battle Chicken figure right here for $121.99 with free shipping. Like the Batman figure, it is expected to arrive in August.

I don't know about you, but I'm more intrigued by the idea of Batman and Superman Battle Chicken figures than I would have imagined. Then again, I wouldn't have imagined it because it's completely insane.


Indeed, everything about these figures is awesome - except the price. And guess what? There's also a Breaking Bad Walter White version!

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