Joe Manganiello Compares Ben Affleck's Batman vs Deathstroke Movie to David Fincher's The Game

Joe Manganiello says that Ben Affleck’s Batman vs Deathstroke movie would have been really [...]

Joe Manganiello says that Ben Affleck's Batman vs Deathstroke movie would have been really similar to David Fincher's The Game. A lot of fans are wondering what could have been after watching the Snyder Cut of Justice League. There's some moments with the assassin and the detective on the same side, and it's all wildly entertaining. Manganiello joined's ComicBook Nation podcast to talk about the release of the film and the possibility of more Deathstroke. It seems as though fans really want more of all things DCEU after the Snyder Cut hit HBO Max. Letting Slade Wilson know The Batman's secret identity probably wasn't going to go well for Bruce Wayne. But, these comments from the actor really give credence to the idea he would be pushing the hero to his limit in the film that has been put on ice.

"The Batman film was going to be kind of similar to like.. You know, imagine if David Fincher's The Game was real, you know? [Deathstroke] systematically dismantles Bruce's life and starts murdering all the people in it," he began. "Destroys his finances and just basically paints him into a corner... But it was like a real psychological thriller and Deathstroke was kind of like a horror movie villain, you know, like a shark, kind of like like Jaws."

IGN's Fan Fest this year brought Zack Snyder out to address some questions. The director actually talked about the link between Batman and Deathstroke a lot. It would seem that it would take a lot for the two to put aside their differences. "Joe's character in this movie when we find him, clearly he and Batman have struck some sort of a deal and they have a bit of a partnership," the filmmaker explained. "There's a bigger enemy, I guess."

Those kinds of admissions from Snyder won't slow down any of those questions that have dominated social media. The post-credits scene and everything about the Nightmare timeline have driven discussion, even since the theatrical release. "I think that's the big difference. They're not locked in mortal combat. They're actually working together to try to figure out how to make this world work," he added.

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