Batman: Dying Is Easy Short Film Released

Bat in the Sun, creators of fan favorite mash-up videos like Super Power Beat Down and the online [...]

Bat in the Sun, creators of fan favorite mash-up videos like Super Power Beat Down and the online series Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, previously announced their new Batman fan film Batman: Dying is Easy when they debuted the IndieGoGo campaign for the project last year. Now it's here and you can watch the full 22-minute short for free below! The new project sees actor Kevin Porter take on the part of Batman once again, having previously played the role for Bat in the Sun productions since 2005, while director Aaron Schoenke also stepped in front of the camera to take on the Joker.

Previously described by the team as a "psychological, dark detective story," the short centers on the two characters "locked in a battle of words that gives an in-depth look at their complex characters." Batman and Joker aren't the only ones present though as the cast also includes: Michael Madsen as Harvey Bullock Jamie Costa as Mad Hatter, Chris Daughtry as Hugo Strange, Mike Estes as Mr. Freeze, Guy Grundy as Zsasz, Doug Jones as The Riddler, Vera Bambi as Poison Ivy, Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn, Lionel Washington as Killer Croc, Orion Acaba as Condiment King, Amanda Lynne Shafer as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, and Casper Van Dien as Commissioner Gordon.

"I love to kick, kick, punch, punch, punch-kick, punch, roll around. I love wearing the cape, love all of that, but what i mostly love is because I'm an actor I love dialogue and I love character driven projects and this is exactly what I've always wanted," Porter said in one promotional video for the fan film. "I've played Batman for, gosh, coming on twenty years now, and I've been so blessed to have done it with the Bat in the Sun guys. Now this is something that pursues Batman in a way that's never been seen before, as the detective....I think this is the project that we're going to pull out all the stops and we're going to portray the characters exactly as you, the fans, have always wanted to see them because we've always wanted to see them (that way) as well."

"The characters are so rich in their back stories and their psychology that just to have the two characters interact and go back and forth about what makes them tick is just so fascinating," Schoenke added. "I don't think we've ever really seen that in live-action."

Be sure to stick through the credits for a surprise final sequence in the short!