Batman Has Surprising Reaction To Superman's Identity Reveal

Superman: Heroes #1 is out in the world and that big secret is out in the world. Batman is one of the Man of Steel’s closest friends, and he had a surprising reaction to the decision to go public. *Spoilers for Superman: Heroes #1 are coming up.* So, Supes gathered a bunch of heroes for an impromptu meeting about this massive decision. Revealing his identity could have massive consequences for all the heroes and their loved ones. Villains could try to use Superman’s allies against him, and not everyone came from Krypton and is basically invincible. So, with all these reasons, it would clear that Batman would have something to say on the matter.

When the meeting finally comes about, Batman is pretty reserved. Aquaman quickly points out the pitfalls of “unmasking” as he lost his son as a result of Black Manta hunting for revenge. Who is to say that the same thing couldn’t happen to Superman. There’s a lot of thought put into the gesture, but soon everyone departs. But, back at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne lets his best friend know how he really feels. In essence, Batman is very jealous that Clark Kent can operate as a man without secrets. This totally makes sense for a man who has contingencies for his contingencies.

Wonder Woman goes to check on Bruce back at the estate. She finds the hero visiting his parents’ graves and tries to talk to him. Batman is very pensive as he’s still recovering from City of Bane. In that event he lost Alfred to the violent criminal and had to add to the ever-growing tally of people he just couldn’t save. The entire Bat Family is not really over that loss, and trying to move forward. He feels upset that his friend would just go through with it before bouncing the idea off someone else.

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(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Batman is always feeling the weight of decisions made by heroes with a lot more powers than he has. But, the talk with Diana admits that a lot of this is rooted in his own jealousy that he can’t enjoy that open and honest life that his friend experiences. That secret identity of Bruce Wayne will always be there and has been since his earliest days of being Batman. Superman and The Caped Crusader will always be friends though. If there’s any trouble to come from this moment, Bruce Wayne will be there to help his friend however he can.

Superman: Heroes #1 is in stores now.

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