Zack Snyder Calls Ben Affleck the Perfect Batman

The DC Extended Universe has had its fair share of squandered opportunities, yet, of its many missteps, audiences generally seem to enjoy Ben Affleck's interpretation of the Caped Crusader. Zack Snyder, who picked Affleck for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has essentially parted ways from the shared universe, recently reminded fans how proud he is to have tapped the actor for the role.

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Over on Vero, Snyder shared a photo of Affleck as the Dark Knight, adding, "I was transferring some photos from my old computer and came across this--not sure if I shared this one but it's cool...Ben is my perfect Batman."

Despite Snyder and fans appreciating Affleck's efforts as the character, the poor reception of his DCEU films might have soiled future plans for the character.

Affleck debuted in Batman v Superman, marking the first time the two iconic superheroes graced the screen together. As was the nature of Snyder's vision of these characters, the adventure was dark and dour, denying viewers any glimmers of hope they wished to have witnessed from heroic characters. The event was a huge financial success, taking in $870 million worldwide, though received poor critical reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes calculating only 27 percent positive reviews.

Actors have a variety of defense mechanisms when confronted with poor reviews, yet one specific interview with Affleck in which a journalist asks him about the harsh reviews and the actor fails to make eye contact with the reporter went viral, highlighting Affleck's potential regret over joining the DCEU.

Affleck's next outing as Batman was in Justice League, which earned similar poor reviews to Batman v Superman yet earned only a fraction of the box office haul, igniting rumors that the actor was looking to leave the franchise behind. Unfortunately, these rumors gained more traction than any of the positive comments the actor has made about the series, potentially planting the idea in his head that things would be better if he left the franchise behind.

The upcoming The Batman originally had Affleck attached to helm, though he left those duties to Matt Reeves instead. Reports claim the film will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne, which would require a younger actor to take on the role, possibly allowing Affleck to leave the character behind for good.

Snyder, meanwhile, left Justice League while it was still in production as a response to a family tragedy and hasn't confirmed any future direct involvement in DCEU projects, other than a variety of producing credits.


Stay tuned for details on the future of the DCEU.

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