Ben Affleck Says Fighting The Punisher Hurts A Lot

If you were to go up against the Punisher, do you think you'd win? In the Marvel Universe, the violent vigilante is one of the most dangerous men in the canon, and Ben Affleck recently got to go toe-to-toe with the Punisher's Jon Bernthal. The two actors clash in the upcoming film The Accountant, and Affleck recently confessed that fighting the Punisher hurts a lot.

But, really - can we say we're surprised?

In an interview with IGN, the actor was asked what it was like to face-off with Bernthal on the set and whether he believed Batman could be the Punisher.

To answer the latter half of the question, the actor joked that, "You'd have to cross-pollinate the beams of the comic worlds of DC and Marvel for that match-up, so it's hard to know." He went on to say that Bernthal was a very good boxer who clearly knew how to fight.

Affleck continued, describing just how painful the showboat beatdowns were. "A few times, he [Bernthal] let slip with a little bit of a harder of a hit. I was like, 'Ah, go ahead. You can hit me in the body.' After a few of those, I was like, 'Eh, lighten up on the body.'"

This isn't the first time Affleck has spoken about his Bernthal clash while promoting his latest film. When the actor spoke with, he told us that "it was very satisfying" to punch the Punisher.

Recently, it seems as if the topic of Batman v Punisher is everywhere. Earlier this summer, Bernthal was approached with a question about the epic match. The actor appeared at New York Comic Con not long ago, and it was there that a fan asked Bernthal whether he felt his character would win against Batman. For the actor, the question was an easy one.

Before the fan couldn't finish asking their question, the actor answer, "Punisher" to rowdy applause. Fans of the show were obviously stoke to hear the actor champion his role's bloody and aggressive fighting style, and there were plenty of them in the audience.

Sadly, it seems unlikely that fans will ever see Batman take on the Punisher. The most glaring issue with the fight is found in the characters' canons considering Batman is a DC Comics property while the Punisher belongs to Marvel. But fans will get to see Batman take on a particularly nasty character on the big screen soon enough.

Punisher Batman

Earlier this summer, Affleck teased fans that Deathstroke would star in his Batman flick as a villain, and moviegoers freaked out. The news was later confirmed and expanded upon as Joe Manganiello was confirmed to play the iconic villain. So, even if we can't see Batman and the Punisher duke it out for our entertainment, we will at least see Gotham's Knight bloody up Deathstroke sooner rather than later.


The Batman solo feature isn't expected before 2018. As for Justice League, it hits theaters on November 16th, 2017.