'Black Lightning' EP Teases a "Challenging" New Character in Season 2

Black Lightning's first season may have ended with the titular hero and his family victorious over Martin Proctor and the A.S.A., but there will be fallout from the events leading up to that victory. According to showrunner Salim Akil, that will take many forms, including a challenging new character.

Akil told Variety that season two will see the introduction of a new character who will specifically challenge the one member of the Pierce family who isn't a metahuman -- Jefferson's (Cress Williams) wife and mother of his daughters, Lynn (Christine Adams).

"The Pierce family and the city of Freeland will have to deal with the consequences of the introduction of the drug Green Light and the discovery of Martin Proctor's experiments," Akil said. "In this new season there will be an introduction of a new character who will be Lynn's co-worker, who will challenge Lynn in many new ways our other characters haven't to the point Lynn starts to question if she's the woman she needs to be for her family."

While Akil doesn't give much in the way of details about this new character, it's possible that the character challenging Lynn could be Dr. Jace. Back in June, TV Line reported that the show would be bringing the scientist to the series, possibly as their take on Dr. Helga Jace from comics. In comics, Jace was the royal scientist in the fictional nation of Markovia who used experiments to give super powers to the king's youngest son, Brion Markov (better known as Geo-Force) and his half-sister Terra Markov. She ultimately ends up as a villain of the Outsiders, killed when she attempted to kill Metamorpho in Outsiders #27 in 1988.

With Proctor dead, bringing in a version of Dr. Jace would also provide Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) a potential ally, especially when it comes to that mysterious briefcase the villain acquired in the season one finale. As Jones tells it, Tobias will be looking to use that case to go to the next level in season two.

"Hopefully he will do what it takes to go to the level he's been aspiring to all season," Jones told TV Line. "I think acquiring the case took what, 13 episodes, so let's see what we do with the next 13 to however many we have, I think we have 16 this time."

But fans won't have to wait long to see how things begin to take shape in season two. The opening arc of the new season is entitled "The Book of Consequences: Rise of the Green Light Babies".

"We're going to deal with the consequences of having discovered the pod children; the consequences of Green Light hitting the streets; and the consequences of Jefferson's daughters discovering they have powers," Akil said.

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Black Lightning returns to The CW in October. The series airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT following episodes of The Flash.