'Black Lightning' Star Teases End of Season Twist

Fans are only now just getting the lay of the land on Black Lightning, but one series star is [...]

Fans are only now just getting the lay of the land on Black Lightning, but one series star is already teasing a major twist to come toward the end of the first season.

Actor James Remar plays Jefferson Pierce's affable father figure and tailor Peter Gambi, decking the hero out in a tech-filled costume to take on crime in Freeland. But the actor teased a major status quo shift in later episodes that will affect Gambi, Pierce, and his family.

While speaking with CBR, Remar said that his character's relationship with Pierce won't always see smooth sailing.

"We did a nice scene a couple of weeks ago that he and I had a falling out and then we have a coming back together, but we're going to fall out again," said Remar. "There's a big reveal in episode 8 and 9 and 10 that all remain to be shot, but I'm aware of the arc at this point. I know 8 and I've glanced at 9 and I'm excited to play them, so hopefully that translates into people being excited to see it."

It remains to be seen just what will affect Black Lightning's relationship with his friend, but there are many secrets shared by almost all of the characters on the series.

Jefferson and Gambi hide their crime-fighting exploits while youngest daughter Jennifer attempts to mask her apathy, all while Anissa's powers begin to manifest to her own confusion. It's a family drama for the ages.

But Gambi will have to contend with the girls' mother and Jefferson's ex-wife Lynn. Despite the two not seeing eye to eye, their relationship is anything but adversarial.

"She never shuts me out. We have a mutual respect and affection for one another, and we both have Jefferson's interests at heart," Remar teased. "So neither one of us is going anywhere. It does turn out in some future episodes that I actually have to look out for her, and I don't shirk that responsibility. So it develops. We're on the same team. We may have different views on how the game should be played, but we're on the same team."

Fans can see the future of Black Lightning unfold in next week's episode, "Lawanda: The Book of Burial," airing Tuesday, January 30th on The CW.